Welcome to Delilicious!

Wendell Ruskin Adams was the proud father of Tracey, Robin, Shannon & Wende. His love of cooking was proudly embraced by all four of his daughters, but it was Tracey and Wende who wanted to take their inherited love of cooking and honor their dad by continuing his dream by building

In 2008, the work began on ‘Deli-Licious’. First came the location; then the permits; then the build-out; more permits; more building; more permits; more additions; more permits… You get the picture!

Sadly, on June 10th, 2008, surrounded by his family, Wendell passed away, but his dream was becoming a reality. On July 1st, 2009, ‘Deli-Licious’ opened at 16582 Gothard, Suite K (between Heil and Warner), in Huntington Beach and during the first year in business (which is normally the ‘telling’ year of success or failure), ‘Deli-Licious’ proved to be totally and completely a SUCCESS!

We’re sure Wendell’s looking down on Tracey, Wende and the ‘Deli-Licious’ team with a smile on his face, a drink in his hand, toasting every client who walks through the doors. We give our sincere gratitude to each of our incredible clients, our “on-the-spot vendors” , our incredible family members and our plethora of awesome friends. We’re very PROUD of everything we’ve accomplished at ‘Deli-Licious’ and hope you’ll take time to come in, visit with us and eat some of our delicious food.

We’d love to see you!

Oh! We also take phone orders for take-out and do a LOT of catering.


Give us a try, please… We’ll make you happy you found us!

Key team members


Wende and Tracey